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Singapore Jubilee Pass
SP HoHo + Standard Experience
The Jubilee Pass is the complete touring package specially designed for visitors to the country. It includes all top tours and attractions in Singapore. This is the only card that helps make the most of your time here, with the greatest savings, minimum fuss and no stress.
Singapore Gold Jubilee Pass
SP HoHo + Standard Experience + 1 Gold Top Pick
The Gold Jubilee Pass offers you all the privileges of the Jubilee Pass, plus an additional TOP PICK attraction from a list of 15 top tours and attractions for just $26 more. Enjoy up to 50% savings and save more on attractions!

Use the SP HoHo System! It is the perfect ~ hop-on hop-off touring system with five sightseeing routes to explore. Doubling up as a transportation system, connecting from the city to tours attractions, allowing you to see more of Singapore while saving you time and money!

Fast Track Entry, Skip The Lines. Less time in queue, more time for fun!
Connected by SP HoHo’s topless bus. Buses are wheelchair accessible.
Connected by SP HoHo’s coach. Coaches are not wheelchair accessible.
Attraction is wheelchair accessible.